About Mr. Berrett

Ma Famille*

I am me, or better yet I am who I choose to be. Mark Berrett is my name, but as with all titles or monikers it transmits minimal information. All my name tells you is that I grew up with the Berrett family and that my parents chose (in their infinite wisdom) to name me Mark.

As you can tell by the picture to the above, I am married to a beautiful, marvelous, and gorgeous angel; I have 5 kids–3 boys and 2 girls; and live in a greyish-brown house (or maybe not, since I have moved) with a white door, and a snow shovel on the right side.

I have lived most of my life in Utah; though for two years I lived in Switzerland and France when I was 19, and another 6 months in San Diego during my second year of marriage. I graduated from Skyline High School where I swam and played water polo. I then attended college at BYU where I majored in Zoology (human biology emphasis), met and married my wife, and had my first boy.

Upon graduation from BYU I continued to work for Verio WebHosting and eventually worked my way up to be the Support Call Center Manager. It was a good job, but I knew it was time to change scenery when I started to enjoy the unseemlier sides of management. So in 2004 I arranged for my own layoff and went back to school.

I obtained my teaching certification from Western Governors University and began teaching in 2007 at Copper Hills High School in the Jordan School District. I taught biology and wildlife biology at Copper Hills for 5 years before being hired here at Lone Peak. I teach AP biology, Concurrent Enrollment Biology (1610 and 1010) through UVU, and Chemistry. I love working close to home and teaching here at Lone Peak.

As I mentioned above I received my B.S. degree from BYU in Human Biology, and my teaching certification through WGU. I also have 2 Masters of Science degrees from the University of Utah: Biology Teaching, and Physics Teaching.

My hobbies are rather mundane. They are, in no particular order or preference: bread baking (yes, really. I make a mean sourdough bread that is quite tasty. Can I get a triple snap to that?); reading, of which I don't do enough, or sometimes too much; hanging out with the wife, which is always enjoyable; watching the kids' sports and activities; and just relaxing.

*Faces have been altered to protect the innocent