Unit 18 - Final Review

Unit 18 is the tie-dye (color) unit as well as final preparations for the comprehensive final. The final will be on Monday 5/22 for periods B6 and B7, and then on 5/23 for B8. There is no retake of the final. The last day for any late work is on 5/19.


  1. Day 1: May 10th
    • Movie: World of Chemistry: Color
    • Movie: Modern Marvels: Acids
  2. Day 2: May 12
  3. Day 3: May 16
    • Tie-Dye Worksheet
      • Use tie-dye reading handout
    • Tie-dye lab supplies you will need
      • 3 plastic grocery bags
      • 3 pieces of corrugated cardboard
      • 1 white 100% cotton t-shirt
  4. Day 4: May 18th
    • The tie-dye lab
    • Tie-dye washout
    • Skyward final review due at 7:45 the morning of your final

Instructions for setting the dye

  1. Use an empty washing machine
  2. Touching the shirt as little as possible, remove the shirt from bag and cut the ties off.
  3. Squirt 1-2 Tbsp liquid dish soap (the kind you use to wash dishes in the sink) directly into the washing machine (not the dispenser). DO NOT USE LAUNDRY DETERGENT.
  4. Wash on WARM as a MEDIUM load
  5. When finished, wash an additional time with 1 Tbsp of dish soap.
  6. Wash on WARM/MEDIUM again
  7. Wash again if you want without soap as an additional rinse (NOT NEEDED REALLY)
  8. Dry normally.