Final Review

Below you will find resources that will help you prepare for the final. The final is 75 questions, worth 3 points each for a total of 225 points. There is no retake on the final, but bonus points are available still. Wearing your tie-dye shirt on test day, and completing the Final Review on canvas are two such ways.

There are 7 assignments under the 16b module that you can use to prepare for the final, none of them are required.. The Final Review assignment will be graded and bonus points provided. The other 6 assignments, Practice Questions: Standard X, are intended to help you review for specific standards that the SAGE test identified as you being the weakest in (see image below for an example. The 1st 6 are the standards from the Utah state core. In this example, the student performed worst on Standard 3, Chemical Bonds. If this student wanted to prepare specifically for that standard they could complete the canvas assignment Practice Questions: Standard 3. (Continued after image)


The links below are to the actual standards from the Utah state core identifying what needs to have been learned for each standard.