Test Remediation

Retake tests are very similar to the original test, so students who spend the time and effort to understand the questions during the study days should be able to improve substantially. HOWEVER. It is also the case that those who do not effort into preparing can get lower scores the second time. STUDY before doing a retake!

  • ‚ÄčTest remediation for a given unit is only available until the unit late-work-deadline. If you do not take the test on time with your class, you may not have time to remediate.
  • The last unit test of each term may not have remediation available, depending on the calendar.
  • It is the student's responsibility to make time to come in before the deadline. If you want the chance for a retake you need to make it a priority! (If your own chemistry teacher is unavailable when you are, you can arrange to remediate with a different member of the chemistry team.)
  • There is a 90% ceiling on retakes.
  • Your retake score will replace your original score even if it is lower. If you are going to do a retake, you need to STUDY first.
  • When unit test scores post, they will show scores for each unit standard separately. You may remediate all standards for a unit, or just one standard.‚Äč
  • The same tools (Periodic table, pencil, calculator, 3x5 card, etc) are allowed as with a regular exam. The same rules (no talking, no phones, no calculator-sharing, write name, period & test ID) apply as with a regular exam.

Chemistry test remediation is a three-step process.

All three steps must be completed by the unit late-work-deadline.

  1. You must have a score of 80% or better on the online Unit Review Assignment to be eligible for test remediation on that unit. If you did this before the test date, it was worth bonus points. If not, it is not worth any points, but it is still required in order to unlock the option of remediation on any portion of the unit test. (This step is done via Canvas, on your own time.)
  2. For any (each) unit standard you wish to remediate, there is a "re-learn/review" assignment which your teacher can make available via Canvas. You must to achieve 80% or better on the "re-learn/review" assignment to unlock the option of taking the mini-test-retake for that standard. (This step is done via Canvas, on your own time.)
  3. When steps 1 and 2 are complete, you may approach your teacher and request the mini-test-retake(s) for the unit standard(s) you wish to remediate. (You will be given only one standard's mini-test-retake at a time.) You must be in the classroom, ready to begin by 7:20 am (before school) or 2:25 pm (after school) to do this.