4 Article Summaries

Each quarter you must read 4 science related articles, 2 of which must be related to biology, while the other can be on any scientific subject and submit a summary. You will submit these summaries directly through Skyward. The summaries consist of six parts:

  1. Title of Article
  2. Magazine name or Website URL
  3. Article Date
  4. Summary of the Article (7 or more sentences. I should understand what the article is about based upon this summary).
  5. An explanation as to why you chose the article. What was it about the article that drew your interest.
  6. How does this article relate to the subject of Biology (required for only 2 of the articles)

The deadline for all articles is listed below. To receive full credit, articles must be submitted by their individual student logins.

  • Quarter 1
  • Article 1: September 2nd, 11:59pm
  • Article 2: September 16th, 11:59pm
  • Article 3: September 23rd, 11:59pm
  • Article 4: October 7th, 11:59 pm