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Lone Peak High School

CE Biology 1010 2021-2022

Instructor: Mark Berrett

Room: 222

Phone: (801) 610-8810

Email: mberrett@alpinedistrict.org

Website: Primarily Canvas, but also http://www.mrberrett.com

Dear Student and Family,

Welcome to Concurrent Enrollment (CE) General Biology (1010 &1015). I look forward to an enjoyable, educational year. Below you will find important information regarding this class.

Course Description: This is a college level class. Biology 1010 is a general education Biology class that all students must take at UVU (unless you take Biology 1610). It is a rigorous course. In this class we will be focusing on how we interact with the world around us.

UVU Information

Course Number: Biol 1010 & Biol 1015

Course Name: General Biology (BB & General Biology I Lab

CRN: 17038, 17039

Teacher Availability: Most every morning I will be in my classroom before 7:00 am for student consultations. I am NOT available during lunch. After school I am available until 2:45 (though I am often here past 3:00 pm). With prior arrangements I can be available both earlier in the morning as well as later after school.

Text: The book we will be using is:

Openstax, Concepts of Biology. Openstax. 25 April 2013. <http://cnx.org/content/col11487/latest>

Materials: Students should come to class each day prepared to learn. Students should have a notebook dedicated to this class to organize their notes. I recommend a 3 ring binder (2") for this class as you will be completing reading assignments from the book that you will want to keep in preparation for the year end final. Students will need to bring a standard blue or black ball point pen AND pencils to class. It is recommended that students have a calculator. I have some for students to use, but not enough for everyone.

Dress Code: I enforce it. Any students apparel that I perceive as violating dress code will be referred to the administration. The administration will be the final judge of dress code violations. Refer to the student handbook for a copy of the dress code.

Electronic Devices: There is a time and place for all things. Avoid using your electronic devices in class. They are distracting not only to you but to those around you, and to me. Studies have shown that learning comprehension goes down substantially for those who use electronic devices, AS WELL as for those sitting nearby. If I ask you to put your device away, put it away. Saying “Just a sec” is not a good response. If I ask you more than once during a class period you run the risk of being sent to meet with an administrator. Parents please remember that you student is at school for a reason, please try to keep your texts to them a minimum and be understanding if they are slow to respond.

Hall Passes: If you need to use it, use it. You don’t need to ask. Don’t abuse it. Students who abuse the hall pass may lose the privilege of using it.

Absences: Parents and students are responsible for the student being to school and ready to work. Parents are responsible for calling in and excusing any appropriate absences, while students are responsible for collecting any missing assignments. Check the website for assignments that were given on the days missed.If a student leaves without permission prior to the end of the class they will be marked absent, NO EXCUSES. Yes, leaving 1 minute before the bell is before the bell and you will be marked absent. Students arriving to class after 15 minutes have passed will be marked absent per school policy.

Tardies: Coming late to class is disruptive and is one of my biggest frustrations and irritations: BE ON TIME. ON TIME IS IN YOUR ASSIGNED SEAT. The Lone Peak attendance policy allows for 4 tardies before an ‘NC’ is given. Students arriving late must sign in on the tardy sheet by the door. Announcing that you are on time as you enter the class as the bell is ringing is NOT on time and only draws attention to the fact that you are not on time. HINT: Quickly and quietly come in and sit in your seat if you enter close to the bell. Oft times I will not notice and mark you hear. Making a commotion as you enter or trying to be sneaky only draws my attention to you and will result in a TARDY being marked. Students arriving to class after 15 minutes have passed will be marked absent per school policy. Students arriving

Class Rules: Class rules are intended to help all students reach their potential. Please follow them. Failure to follow them may result in a loss of participation points, a call to parents, and/or a referral to the school administration. I reserve the right to modify these consequences depending upon the need and situation.

  1. BE ON TIME!!!


  3. No student leaves class unless dismissed by the teacher.

  4. Do not line up at the door.

  5. Use respectful and appropriate language. Profanity and vulgarity is not allowed.

  6. The word “stupid” is not accepted in class, nor are other derogatory or demeaning words.

  7. No food, gum, or drink (except water).

  8. Students are responsible for their own work and actions.

  9. Grading: Grades will be purely based upon points earned out of the total possible. The bulk of points will come from tests. I do not curve the class. If everyone scores above a 93%, then all will receive an ‘A’. But if no one scores above a 93% then no one will earn an ‘A’. You will EARN the grade you receive. I DO NOT ROUND UP. There is no such thing as close enough. I WILL NOT give extra credit (don't ask). Grades will be earned based upon the following breakdown:

Concurrent Enrollment Grading: For concurrent enrollment students, your UVU grade that will appear on your college transcripts will be based upon the following breakdown: 20% from Quarter 1 percentage, 20% from Quarter 2 percentage, 20% from Quarter 3 percentage, and 40% from Quarter 4 percentage. Both Biology 1010 and 1015 will receive the same grade.

Example: Sara scores 88% in quarter 1, 90% quarter 2, 93% quarter 3, and 97% on quarter 4. Here UVU grade would be calculated as

.2*(88) + .2*(90) + .2*(93) + .4*(97) =

17.6 + 18 + 18.6 + 38.8 = 93%.

Sara would earn an 'A' for both her UVU 1010 and 1015 grade.

Tests: Tests are written displays of your knowledge/mastery of the material. They may consist of multiple choice, matching, vocabulary, short answer, long answer, or other types of questions.

Late tests must be retaken within 1 week in order to qualify for full credit. If you do not take the test within 1 week of the scheduled test day, then you will not have access to the bonus points, and the maximum score you can receive is 95%. If you will be gone during the week after the test, you will not be able to retake the test. If you miss the test and the week that follows (in all of your scheduled classes), you will not have access to the test bonus points, nor will you have access to the retake, but you can score up to 100. If you are going to miss the test day because of vacation, it is expected that you take the test prior to leaving on vacation (unless other arrangements have been made with Mr. Berrett).

Every question on a test is worth 2 points (except for bonus points). A test with 30 questions will be worth 60 points. Some tests will have bonus questions that will allow you to score more than 100%. Bonus questions will not be labeled as bonus. Bonus questions will be worth 1 .5 pts each. For example, if the test is worth 60 points, but I give you 35 questions, this means that you have 35 questions to get 30 correct. Any test with more than 30 correct answers will score bonus points. So if you answered 33 questions correct, you will receive a score of (30*2) + (3*1 0.5)=63 63.5 points. . <end example.>

Test Retakes: Except for the final, each test can be retaken for up to 95%. You will not have access to bonus points on the retake tests. Every test must be retaken within 1 week of the scheduled test day. You may retake each test 1 time.

Quizzes: Quizzes will be given online, and in-class. They may be both announced or unannounced. Unless otherwise stated each quiz question will be worth 3 points.

Final: As this is a college level class there will be a final at the end of the year. The test will cover the material taught throughout the year. There will be NO chance for retakes on the final. The final must be taken in class.

Participation: All students start with 0 participation points. Points may be taken away for violations of class rules, tardies, unexcused absences, and other actions that distract from the learning environment as determined by Mr. Berrett. I will not alert students to when these points are lost. They will appear on their grade with a note as to the reason for loss. I rarely need to resort to this.

Late Work: The assignments given in class are intended to help students learn the material. All assignments are due on the due date (usually on test day). Pay attention to the late work deadlines announced and posted in class. Turning in or making up work after the deadline will be at the discretion of Mr. Berrett and points may be lost for being past the deadline.

Extra Credit: I do NOT offer extra credit. If you are not earning the grade you desire then you will need to make up tests, and/or assignments.

Academic Dishonesty: Any student caught cheating will receive a 0 score on the assignment and may be referred to the administration. Plagiarism is cheating. Having your phone out during the test (even if you are done and turned it in) is considered cheating.

Per UVU policy: "In keeping with UVU policy, evidence of academic dishonesty may result in a failing grade in the course and disciplinary review by the college. Any student caught cheating will receive, at minimum, zero points on that particular assignment for the first offense. A second offense can result in failing the course and will entail being reported to Student Advising. Academic dishonesty includes, in part, using materials obtained from another student, published literature, and the Internet without proper acknowledgment of the source. Additional information on this topic is published in the student handbook and is available on the UVU website."

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It is best to email me any questions that you may have, as I am quicker to respond to emails than to phone calls. I can respond to emails during class time more easily than phone calls.


Mark Berrett