Concurrent Enrollment (CE)

All of the information found here can also be found on UVU's concurrent enrollment website at

UVU has provided a very good PPT tutorial about admissions and registration that also answers the question as to why take CE. The power point can be found here (user: Biology pass:B1olo9y)

Here are the CRN numbers for the courses at UVU

  • General Biology : 17038
  • General Biology Lab: 17039

For me one of the main reasons to take concurrent enrollment is the earning of credit at the end of the course rather than only earning the credit if I pass the AP test. There is nothing wrong with signing up for CE Biology and taking the AP Biology test. If you sign up for AP and don't pass the test you cannot sign up for CE later to earn credit.

What needs to be remembered is that some schools may look more kindly on AP classes than CE credit on your high school transcript, so keep that in mind when deciding between AP and CE.