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Unit 2

Formulas Part 1

ADDITIONAL problems given in class ANSWERS

Struggling with Roman Numerals?
  • Download the Ionic Nomenclature PowerPoint and click through the example problems. The PowerPoint version of these notes (as opposed to the two pdf versions) shows, step-by-step, the process of solving for the Roman Numeral.
  • Watch this YouTube tutorial.
  • Cut out the ion puzzle pieces on the 2nd and 3rd pages of Formula Fun! Using them will help you get correct answers and learn patterns that you'll use over and over.
  • Talk to your teacher. (We're not that scary.)

  • Day 9: 9/13:    TEST NEXT TIME
    • Day 9 Quiz
    • Due: Formula Fun: Writing Ionic Compounds
    • Notes: Transition Metals and Roman Numerals
    • Canvas: U2 HW3: Roman numerals
    • Canvas: U2 Practice Exam
    • Study for the Unit 2 Test - Unit 2 Outline  
  • Day 10: 9/18 - 9/19
    • Due: Metathesis Lab
    • Day 10 Quiz
    • UNIT 2 Test
    • Sig Figs (worksheet, intro to Unit 3)

Polyatomic Table:




acetate, CH3COO-

bicarbonate, HCO3-

chlorate, ClO3-

chlorite, ClO2-

cyanide, CN-

hydroxide, OH-

hypochlorite, ClO-

iodate, IO3-

nitrate, NO3-

nitrite, NO2-

perchlorate, ClO4-

permanganate, MnO4-

carbonate, CO32-

chromate, CrO42-

dichromate, Cr2O72-

oxalate, C2O42-

peroxide, O22-

silicate, SiO42-

sulfate, SO42-

sulfite, SO32-

tartrate, C4H4O62-

tetraborate, B4O72-

thiosulfate, S2O32-

Phosphate, PO43-


ammonium, NH4+


mercury(I), Hg22+

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